Terms and conditions

The lessee receives the vehicle in perfect working order (which the lessee should check at the time of hiring) and aknowledges to have been informed of the suitable type of fuel for the vehicle and promises to return the vehicle in the conditions received. If the vehicle does not have insurance at all risk and receives any damage that did not have to the delivery, the damage will be assessed and the customer must pay the corresponding amount of the repair of said damage. The lessee undertakes to pay all traffic or parking penalties that were imposed for non-compliance with the traffic rules and to notify the lessor at the time of the liquidation or return of the vehicle. The lessee will respond for both common leasehold and criminal acts arising from the use of the rented vehicle, which will never be used to transport goods, specially if they are illegal. With reference to the preceding article, the lessee is insured of third party liability as well as personal injury to the extent and conditions set forth in the Regulations of Compulsory Insurance by the agreed insurance policy with the Insurance Company. In case the customer leaves the vehicle in a place of difficult access and needs a crane, the amount of said service is charged to the lessee. The lessee agrees to carry the document issued by the company to show it if required by the authority or person related to the rental company. The leasing company reserves the right not to rent the vehicle if deemed appropriate. Furthermore, the company may withdraw the leased vehicle if the lessee makes an inappropriate use of it or if the vehicle is driven in diminished physical conditions caused by alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illness. INFO DRIVE IN EUROPA: Drive in Europa / Driving in Europe / Conduire en Europe / Autofahren in der EU http://www.dgt.es/es/seguridad-vial/paises-y-organizaciones-internaciona... Nocturnal Reservations: Outside working hours a surcharge of € 30 VAT may be made, starting at 8:00 p.m. until 11:59 p.m. Under no circumstances shall the vehicle be sublet or driven by individuals other than the contracting client, unless express consent has been granted by the lessor. AGE REQUIREMENTS To be aged 21 or over and to have held a driving license for at least two (2) years. **YOUNG DRIVER (21 to 25 years old): Due to accident rate, a driver qualified as a “young driver” will be charged €2 per day and will not be able to qualify for the franchise exemption. ADDITIONAL DRIVERS: A daily €3 fee will be charged per additional driver up to a maximum of €40. INCLUDED: V.A.T. included in the total price of the web, comprehensive car insurance with excess €600 ­ €1000 (depending on car model), unlimited mileage, port charges and local taxes. BABY SEAT: To be requested at time of booking. €3 per day per Baby Seat up to a maximum of €35. FRANCHISES AND INSURANCE: Loss, theft or damages to any property transported in the vehicle are excluded from the basic insurance policy. The franchise and the exemption from paying the excess in case of accident, theft or loss of some of its parts, is listed below:

  • Fiat Panda, 600€. Remove excess costs charged at €15 day including V.A.T.
  • Fiat 500L 700€. Remove excess costs charged st €15 day including V.A.T.
  • Smart Fortwo, 1000€. Remove excess costs charged at €15 day including V.A.T.
  • Fiat 500 Lounge, 700€. Remove excess costs charged at €15 day including V.A.T.
  • Fiat 500 Cabrio, 700€. Remove excess costs charged at €15 day including V.A.T.
  • Renault Kangoo 700€. Remove excess costs charged at €15 day including V.A.T.
  • Dacia Lodgy 700€. Remove excess costs charged at €15 day including V.A.T.
  • Fiat Doblo 700€ Remove excess costs charged at €15 day including V.A.T.

In any event, franchise exemption DOES NOT include: damage to underside and tyres; keys or key fobs loss or breakage (value depending on model ranging between €300 and €400); damage to wheels or glass of the rented vehicle. Puncture assistance 35€ Extreme cleaning: 30€ (Wet seats, stained upholstery, excessive dirt, sand, trash. No smoking in vehicles, punishable as extreme cleaning. If the client leaves the keys inside the locked car, he will be charged €20 for the delivery of a spare key. In case of accident, the company will replace the damaged vehicle provided that rental conditions HAVE NOT been violated. FUEL AND PENALTIES: Fuel and all penalties shall be paid by the lessee. If the client uses the wrong type of fuel when refuelling he will be liable for the repair costs (€180 + V.A.T.). The vehicle will be returned ready to drive and with enough fuel to reach the nearest petrol station. If the vehicle is not returned with the fuel as it was when the vehicle was delivered, you will be charged 30 cents per kilometer. VEHICLES DELIVERY AND COLLECTION: The delivery and collection of vehicles will be done personally in the place and time that the client needs since we do not have a physical office for delivery. Examples: mainly right in the lighthouse of the port if they arrive with the ferry or in their apartments, hotels, etc. METHOD OF PAYMENT: Debit Cards are NOT accepted for the payment of the deposit. The full cost of reservation will always be paid on arrival by CREDIT CARD or CASH.No AMEX. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The amount paid in advance of 50% will not be refunded if the client decides to cancel the reservation. The refund is only possible if it is canceled 15 days before the day of the reservation, if the reservation has been made in a period of less than 15 days it will not be refunded. The minimum rental period is one day. One day refers to 24h starting from the time of rental or from the chosen booking time. The lessee declares to be in possession of the corresponding driving license in force for the rented vehicle at the time of delivery and execution of the contract. The parties accept the jurisdiction that is legally enforceable if any dispute arises from this contract. THE DEADLINE FOR THE PROCESSING OF CLAIMS WILL BE OF 30 DAYS FROM THE PROVISION OF SERVICE.

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